Consultation Fee Payment


Following your initial consultation, if you agree to hire the Attorney ("NexGenMigrant"), and the Attorney agrees to represent you, you will both sign a Engagement Agreement for representation. We offer optional payment methods, including payment plans and split payments. However, any payment plan must be secured by debit or credit card number and information of the debtor. If this becomes an option, an automatic withdrawal system will be put in place. If you do not have a line of credit or debit bank account available, then you are not eligible for the payment plan option. If the Attorney does not agree to represent you, this includes not representing you with regard to the matter set forth by yourself on this information sheet or any other matters, then please note that if your legal problem(s) involves a potential lawsuit, it is important that you realize a lawsuit must be filed within a certain period of time called the Statute of Limitations. Therefore, the Attorney strongly urges you to immediately consult another attorney to protect your rights. The decision of the Attorney not to represent you should not be taken by you as an expression regarding the merits of your case. DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that no attorney/client relationship exists until payment is received and an engagement letter has been signed with NexGenMigrant. The engagement agreement will indicate the exact work to be done on your behalf by NexGenMigrant. Clients typically pay a flat fee for the specific immigration application and USCIS filing fees. If there is additional correspondence from USCIS (such as a Request for Evidence), additional fees will be incurred should client choose to hire NexGenMigrant to respond and continue the application process.

There is a $200.00 fee for this consultation and the information you have provided will remain confidential. If you choose to hire and retain an Attorney from NexGenMigrant, a separate agreement will be signed by the parties reflecting the scope of services, the total amount due and owed, and the method of payment. The consultation fee will be credited back to you upon retaining NexGenMigrant for your matter. No legal advice has been tendered unless otherwise stated in a separate fee agreement. Any information provided to you is for the sole purpose of assisting you in making a sound decision on whether you will choose to retain the services of NexGenMigrant.

To avoid any delays or cancellations, please make your payment before the date and time of your consultation.

~ NexGenMigrant