Immigration Attorney Fees

Our mission is to empower immigrants by providing client-centered legal services and advocating zealously to overcome complex immigration matters.

Empowerment – We foster client-centered services with legal strategies that are the best fit for your given situation. Navigating the US immigration system is tough already, so we endeavor to make your process as smooth as possible by utilizing the efficiency of technology and legal resources.

Transparency – We establish an atmosphere of transparent pricing and affordable alternatives with no hidden fees. We provide flexible payment options so that you can have confidence and peace of mind throughout the entirety of the immigration process.

High-Quality Value – We do not outsource your immigration petitions; every thing is done in house and your files are securely reviewed by our Attorney with scrutiny. We strive to exceed your expectations and to provide you with world-class service with uncompromising commitment to seeing you thrive in your immigration journey

Family-Based Immigration

Family immigration is one of the most common pathways that migrants use to procure permanent residency in the United States. Every year USCIS reviews hundreds and

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H-1B Alternatives

The H-1B is a temporary nonimmigrant visa that allows US employers to petition for highly skilled foreign national employees. The foreign national employee typically fills a critical

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What is VAWA?

In 1994, Congress took on the enormous task of addressing crimes against women by enacting the Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA). Fundamentally, VAWA was created to address

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Immigration Attorney Fees

Family-Based Petitions


Humanitarian-Based Petitions

Employment-Based Petitions

Nonimmigrant Visa Petitions (Employment Based)

Waivers/ Other Visas / Administrative

Notes: Processing times on this page are estimated using USCIS-provided guidelines and our current/past client data. Although you can use these timeframes to help you prepare your immigration petitions, please note that the processing times are only intended to let you know generally how long it takes for immigration petitions to process with USCIS. These timeframes are only approximate and are subject to changes depending on USCIS and DOL processing times, and wide variances depending on your specific case. Attorney fees above are listed based on a typical case and are subject to change. If a case includes criminal background, fraud/misrepresentation, etc. there may be additional fees. Please note, Attorney fees as listed above do not include government filing fees. Current USCIS filing can be found here:

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