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EB-2 National Interest Waiver Attorney

Work-Based U.S. lawful permanent residence (a green card) without an employer as the sponsor.
For professionals who hold an advanced degree and meet the 3 USCIS factors for consideration.
Waiver of Job Offer - Can Be Used by STEM Graduates and Entrepreneurs

Are you an immigrant professional hoping to leverage your career for citizenship in the United states?


Perhaps you’re here on a temporary visa and looking to stay longer by using an employment-based green card. In either scenario, you may qualify for the National Interest Waiver (NIW). The NIW eliminates various immigration hurdles by allowing you to self-petition for your green card without an employer. But like many government processes, filing for this waiver is often confusing and challenging. Having the baseline qualifications is not enough to get approval on this type of waiver, as there are so many discretionary aspects of the application that can be frustrating and difficult to understand. You might be frustrated and wondering whether you even have any shot of being approved.

NexGenMigrant is here to simplify the process!

Our team will help you exhaust all legal resources to ensure that your paperwork is accurate; written with an individualized strategy to communicate your strengths and accomplishments; and will position you for approval! We serve families, researchers, and business professionals looking to leverage the talents and qualifications that set them apart from other applicants. We provide you with full-service support, including multilingual speakers and legal experts committed to your success.


The National Interest Waiver


Depending on your experience and credentials, many immigrating professionals can accelerate their entry into the United States or find valid ways to extend their stay. Employment-based immigration applications are one pathway to doing that. These applications can sometimes require an employer to submit a labor certificate to underscore that there are no US employees who can fill a specific job, hence the need to hire a qualifying, skilled immigrant. However, a National Interest Waiver petition allows qualifying immigrant applicants to petition for an employment-based, second-preference category without an employer and essentially to request the US government waive the requirement for a labor certification towards the petition. This, therefore, clears the way for applicants to self-petition for their employment-based green card.

With a National Interest Waiver application, you sponsor yourself for your work opportunity rather than relying on a specific employer. We have helped many skilled professionals who were able to use their experience and decorated careers to successfully petition for permanent residency (green cards) through the National Interest Waiver.

NexGenMigrant knows the precise steps to assist individuals who qualify for the National Interest Waiver. As you explore this route, consider NexGenMigrant to prepare an airtight application, provide you with strategies for improving your odds; and advise you on your National Interest Waiver qualifications.    

Enlist a Team of Professionals

If you’re an immigrant looking to remain in the United States or an individual outside of the United States looking to emigrate or relocate your family, NexGenMigrant serves you! Attorney Sussana Ampem is a family and employment-based immigration lawyer and is the only attorney who will work on your petition. We provide you with the security of knowing that your work will not be outsourced, and your petition will be fully reviewed and prepared by Attorney Ampem and her team throughout the entire process. It is our commitment to provide you with a personalized approach to your immigration needs 




Self-Service With Attorney Review

$ 1,750
  • Full package review (no page limit)
  • Review of forms for errors, mistakes, omissions
  • 10-point full review of anything that could cause a denial based on the form instructions
  • Review of supporting documents for clarity and purpose
  • Review of supporting documents for missing documents
  • Corrections via comments to highlight revisions
  • Suggestions for increasing your chances of approval based on your current package and case type
  • One 30-minute call with me to review notes/ corrections/ discrepancies/ suggestions or questions you may have regarding expectations after you submit your package

Full-Service Attorney Preparation & Packaging

$ 3,350
  • All services listed in Self-Service
  • A thorough analysis of your entire industry and proposed endeavor to provide you with a strategic approach to your petition
  • Attorney drafted memo arguing for your eligibility and detailing your accomplishments/ endeavors/ and its benefits to the national interest
  • Attorney review of reference letters for corrections; suggestions; updates; revisions
  • Guidance on recommendation letters (letters drafted in collaboration with the client – Attorney drafted letters can be included for $150 per letter)
  • Case tracking through USCIS
  • Flexible no-interest payment plans in four installments
  • No outsourced work – you have direct contact with Attorney Ampem throughout the entirety of the process (from package preparation to USCIS case status updates)
  • Responds to all Requests For Evidence (RFE) - no additional fee


As a virtual law firm, we deploy convenient and efficient technology to help you easily prepare your immigration forms and petitions right from the comfort of your home. Attorney Ampem will be the only designated attorney working on your case. Trust us – you’ll want an insider expert to consult about your specific circumstances rather than relying on the vague or general advice you might find using Google or Reddit. NexGenMigrant also provides full tracking and representation for all case submissions and responds to any requests for evidence or notices from USCIS on your behalf.



We are eager to speak with you in person and learn about your story and discuss the possibility of leveraging your work experiences, innovations, and career accomplishments towards a National Interest Waiver. Get in touch with NexGenMigrant today!